unable to change ssh port

Centos 7.6 minimal (fresh install)
SELinux disabled
Cyberpanel 1.8.4
JS deliver - no
memcache - yes
redis - yes

installed 24 hours ago

Tried to change port at Security - Secure SSH, after which SSH does not work.
Unable to connect via new port.
Saw that firewall did add new port under “SSHcustom”
It works again when I revert back to 22.

I will treat this as bug, we have few features coming soon, will make sure this is addressed along with that.

is it fixed with 1.8.5?

Give me some time, I will take care of this. Needed to release 1.8.5 for some other important issues.

yes, until now still cannot change port SSH and must use default port 22