Unable to access website

So basically I created a website using cyberpanel in my vps but I’m unable to access the created site in port 80 and it just shows

" 404

Not Found

The resource requested could not be found on this server!"

literally here for what it shows

yeah by default if you just type the ip of the server, it’ll always 404, you create a virtual host for a domain resolution, not ip. That’s why works.

How exactly am I supposed to do that?

you already did, when you create website it’s going to add it as a virtual domain, xingutechnologies.com now the problem is that cloudflare hk think that host is down. Thus the problem. You can add the IP to the listener if you really want to access it directly by ip.

I’ve already put the ip here in the DNS but still shows that the host is down

Oh apparently all I had to do was set SSL/TLS to Flexible which was in Full

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