unable to access login panel, please solve

unable to access login panel, after issue hostname SSL. Please tell me the process for solving it or how to reinstall/reboot the cyber panel in AWS EC2.

And how to reinstall/reboot cyber panel in AWS EC2 for fresh configuration.

systemctl restart lscpd

or check status using

systemctl status lscpd

you have opened the ports on firewall?

Hi, this also happened to me, i can’t access the login panel ip:8090 after issuig hostname ssl also I have activated cloudflare integrations in the DNS section (not sure if this will impact anything). I can access my wordpress website (no issues) but when i go to ip:8090, I am getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

Hi @Alex_2003 can you please disable Cloudflare’s proxy for the domain name and try again?