Ubuntu Pro 20.04 LTS For Cyberpanel

I’m planning to use Ubuntu Pro 20.04 LTS (Cyberpanel+LSWS)

My question

  1. Is it possible to use Ubuntu Pro 20.04 LTS for Cyberpanel?
  2. Has anyone used Ubuntu Pro for Cyberpanel?

Thank You

Hi @updateorid ,
You mean, you want to use Livepatch Pro right?

In that case, you have to check your server if it is OpenVZ or not. Because OpenVZ servers do not support snap. But Ubuntu Pro is a snap package.

Thank you!

hello @engrrajonahmed ,
Yes I want use Livepatch pro.
i am using azure VM till now for my server and some other servers

If you are not using OpenVZ for virtualization then you can use Ubuntu Pro Livepatch.
snap is not fully supported on OpenVZ VPS.

Thank you!

Alright, I understand now. Thank you so much for your help @engrrajonahmed

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