Ubuntu or CentOS

Are there any recommendations on which OS is better for the panel?

I haven’t noticed any performance difference at cyberpanel websites regarding ubuntu or AlmaLinux for example.

But if you’re going to install from scratch and your provider lets you, perhaps almalinux 8 (the centos replacement).

But again, I saw no differences running it on both OS, so it’s a matter of personal taste.

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this is my own opinion
alma and ubuntu

but developer recommended ubuntu…
many of member that run business recommended keep using ubuntu

at my personal test until today
small different for 1-2 core + 2 ram

but i got big hit when i test apple to apple same spec same datacenter, same cyberpanel , different distro, different domain list that connected to both server

alwa win just a little bit

for booting … high spec …ubuntu win
for 1-2core and 2 ram… alma win only with very small different

reboot… alma win

about the core
i dont know
i just regular user that only can test with UI UX

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Understood, thanks

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