Transfer Between Cyberpanels


Been trying to follow this guide ( ) to transfer 3 accounts from my old cyberpanel to new, but no success. The process starts generating backup and in some time cyberpanel sessions timeout occurs and then I can’t see any progress even if I re-login/restart the process.

Any manual command-line way to do this? So I can track the progress too?

@CyberPanel can we add a timeout check for this?

sh <(curl || wget -O -

Run this command, this should address your issue.

Thanks for solving it out, it’s working now.

@CyberPanel Got into another issue, now 1 account is fetched & restored out of 3, and even if I’m trying to fetch and restore one by one its failing. It does say restored successfully but nothing on the website listing. Also, there is no folder inside /home.