Too many redirects after Wordpress install

Yesterday I upgraded to the latest version of Cyberpanel. Then I tried adding new domains and install Wordpress. Everything seems to work fine but the Wordpress installation is broken. I get ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. I have tried completely removing a domain and starting over from scratch, tried with several different domains. The result was the same every time. Older Wordpress installations work fine.

The domains are NOT sub-domains as I have seen issues about that on the forum.
I also tried fix permissions in the file manager.

can you share your domain name ?

before installing wordpress is everything is working ?

Yes, before installing Wordpress the site was added and the default Cyberpanel page loaded. Now I have recreated the website without installing Wordpress so you can see it’s working.

yeah its working

try to rewrite rule http->https

then install wordpress
next step try delete index.html
and try to add test.html
put some word there then save

then open https://yourdomain.tld/test.html

change php to 7.4

Changed it and restarted OLS. Seems to have solved this. It may work with 8.0 too because there are working installations with that version.

In any case, thanks for the help! Is it a bug in Cyberpanel or it’s just a weird occurance?

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i had that problem before :smiley: Php 8.1 - #5 by usmannasir
looks like installer 8.1 not completed… (yet)

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