To run PHP 5.x on cyberpanel ubuntu 20?

I have a website that is PHP 5.6 and I want to run it on my cyberpanel server that runs php from version 7.x, how can I do this?
Thank you very much friends!
meu servidor é ubuntu 20, então não há mais suporte nativo pra php 5.x

The website is in which script? Wordpress?

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Hi bro!
No, the website is handmade code.
It’s old, from 2015.
I didn’t make it, so I don’t want to mess with it too deeply!
Wanted a way to emulate or something

Have you tried running a copy of this website in php7.4 and see if it works fine?
If its works then its better to use php7.4 because php5 has many security issues.

Try it and let us know. If it doesnt work in php7.4 I will help you out in installing php5 for your server.

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Thank you very much in advance for your good will!
I will run the tests and return to let you know

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