The preview function of the test website keep redirecting to the old website on another server

Hello everyone, my company has decided to move our wordpress site to our own server they asked my to setup the server and migrate the website. Right now I am trying to get the wordpress on a test website using cyberpanel (by the way the main website is still running on the old server untill we have the new server al set up) but when I try to look at the preview it keeps redirecting me to the live version running on another server. Does anyone know how to fix this problem so I can test if de server is working correctly with my site?

The details mentioned are confusing. How are you previewing the site? Are you using the same domain as of live site here in cyberpanel? You cannot run same domain url in multiple server.

Are you are using the same domain name ( instead of a subdomain (

If so then the DNS is probably taking you to the old site. You should update your computers hosts file so that you can access the new site before changing the DNS.

You can find a pretty good explanation of the different ways you can do that here: Hosts website preview

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Thanks for the respons. I use the build in preview function from cyberpanel with the domain test.{my-domain}.nl. I found out that this subdomain was used on the old(still running) server. I disabled the dns there and removed the subdomain but is stil redirects me.

Thanks for the response I am using a subdomain but I found out that the subdomain was used on the old(stil running) server is deleted it but I will try with the link you provided and come back to u with the results.

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You can get back if you face any issues. We will help you out.