The most stable option OS is

Hello guys, I come here to share my operating system suggestion based on my experience gained during these 5 weeks of intensive testing on Cyberpanel.

I tested all operating systems and in all I had problems, absence of dependencies, poor configuration of some process or resource during installation, incompatibilities and difficulties in general. I’m not going to go into the technical details because that’s not the point.

The purpose here is to suggest the best operating system for Cyberpanel that has less chance of problems and greater assertiveness in the configuration “for people not so linux experts”.

What was most stable in my tests was Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, this was the only one that had the least number of problems, I needed only a few adjustments here and others there, but nothing that needed advanced action in the system. At least not so far. :slight_smile:

So that’s it, if you’re not so expert on Linux and don’t have as much skill to deal with serious errors and problems, start with Ubuntu 20.04.

And I say more, I believe that the team of Cyberpanel should do this more intense test and suggest in the installation which exactly the best, but I certainly believe that at least in this latest version (v2.3 Build 3) the most stable without a doubt is Ubuntu 20.04, this will definitely give you less headache if you are starting out as me. :wink:

It would be good if they made this initial suggestion in the installation documentation and pointed out exactly “which system is more stable and with better functional compatibility”, would avoid a lot of headache. =)

You have a lot of system options. Centos 7 was the worst of them, fortunately it is already pointed out in the documentation. But it would be good to point out also the Centos 8, the installation script does not even recognize the operating system in most installations (I particularly could not in any attempt with Centos 8), the process informs that it was not possible to identify the operating system.

That’s it, I hope to help, I would have liked that suggestion if i had seen it before. It would have prevented me from having so much headache and lost hours. :slight_smile:

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Even on Ubuntu 22, I recently had another problem, which I even posted here today. But as I resolved, I blacked out because you had a lot of personal information.

Cyberpanel was not recognizing “” domains through OLS (I have no idea how this was possible).

But when I went back to Ubuntu 20.04, this was resolved. :slight_smile: