The length of time servers run at the service status section


Here several(four) server status are displayed, litespeed, MariaDB, PowerDNS and PureFTPd. Users now can easily suspend and restart the running services respectively and check the memory usage.

I was wondering if something more can be put into the block/box and make this section more powerful. For instance, how long has litespeed server been running since the last ‘stop’ or ‘restart’, etc. This idea came across when I last time ran Vesta control panel, and this information always reminds me, or Cyberpanel users if this feature can be added, that nginx or apache or the Vesta service is so robust and efficient and stable (since I am running my web service in a 512MB server).

Perhaps PowerDNS will show information about how many times (or on average) per day it has directed the requests.

The MariaDB may proudly show the data requests and resources saved as compared to MySQL’s in the past 30 minutes?

And PureFTP, a real time indication graph or number telling how many users are connected in and the speed of their transferring data up and down.

These information may, to some extent, help users and clients sense the power of litespeed and MariaDB intuitively and keep with Cyberpanel or litespeed once adopted the bundle pack.

And another suggestion here for the UI of Cyberpanel. Everytime I click the link from the left part, the category, say “view website >”, the category will expand, but when I further on click the website(www.domain.tld) and the website information appears at the right side, the category collapses/reduces to its original state. Is that possible that the status of the category remain what it has been(expand) and when I click it again, or click other category (SSL), it collapse?