Suspend / Unsuspend Websites via SSH

Hello dear community,

I have a big issue about access the CyberPanel admin panel. I wouldn’t give the details because it is irrelevant with topic.

I have to change some websites status from ‘Suspended’ to ‘Unsuspended’. And I have to do this via ssh because as I said I can’t access CyberPanel. So, when I check the
command line interface topic I can see the commands about suspending users.

But I couldn’t see its’ website-domain version. Could you please supply the command about unsuspend websites if there is any?

Hello @developer_erenbey

You can only unsuspend a user by username

Unsuspend a user

cyberpanel suspendUser --userName cyberpanel --state UNSUSPEND

What is the error that you get trying to access CyberPanel admin? Did you forget your password? what is the issue

Thanks for the reply.

Probably it is about viruses. I think my server had been attacked. When I type ‘mynsdomain:8090’ i face " Internal error
The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request. " this error.

So, I’m asking to check; I have to detect which user is the owner of website, then I’ll command cyberpanel suspendUser --userName cyberpanel --state UNSUSPEND
and finally that users owned websites will be unsuspended, right?

Or, you talking about totally different thing?

Please post a screenshot of what error you get when you try access your server through SSH