Support email aliases

Add support for email aliases.

mailbox is user@domain.tld
alias is alias@domain.tld and is delivered to assigned mailbox(es) but does not have its own separate mailbox

This is separate to forwarding which sends mail from one mailbox to another. An alias has no additional resources quota

do you want all mail deliver for non existing mails?

I want to have email aliases, they’re a pretty standard feature.

Mailboxes are user1@domain.tld, user2@domain.tld, user3@domain.tld

Aliases are alias1@domain.tld, alias2@domain.tld, alias3@domain.tld

If email is sent to an alias address, it arrives in the mailbox designated at alias creation (eg user2@domain.tld).

Postfix sets aliases like this: Adding Users and Aliases for Postfix | ServerWatch

It would be a trivial feature to add, and is a core feature of email.

CyberPanel uses RainLoop under the hood just check the documentation and set it up RainLoop - Cloudron Docs

Rainloop documentation is here: RainLoop Webmail
Rainloop is a client. so it is unable to to create aliases. Aliases are created as a config of Postfix

Even if your solution could work, it’s like saying CyberPanel uses PowerDNS under the hood so just explore PowerDNS docs and configure it directly. It completely defeats the point of a panel. If I wanted to edit conf files from CLI I wouldn’t be running a panel

Kindly check the community first. CyberPanel is a free hosting solution. That said i have done some digging for you

CyberPanel is a freeium panel (there are PAID addons), it is not a hosting solution.

This is the features request section, is it not? I’m requesting a feature.

I have checked the community, there were no prior feature requests for email aliases, so I added one.

CyberPanel utilises Snappymail, which is a folk of Rainloop and does not generate admin credentials during panel install. The point of a panel is to group tasks inside a unified GUI. Email aliases are an exceptionally common task, thus the feature request.

I’m not seeking a work around or support, I’m requesting a feature. Other users are able to vote for the feature if they would find it useful, or ignore this post if they would not.

The correct way to add email aliases is using Postfix. The conf instructures to set them up manually are here: Setup a Postfix Alias Email Account - Jason Favrod & in my above comment to shoaibkk