Duplicated e-mail with forwarding

After creating an email forwarding I am getting duplicate emails. Did I create something wrong?

Another question about these emails is if there is any way to create email aliases without having to create email forwarding?

For your duplicate emails issue, we do not know what exactly you did with your configuration and hence cannot say anything on it.

For email aliases, do check this article by rainloop: RainLoop - Cloudron Docs.

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what configuration you did for forwarding?. And please follow this link for email aliases RainLoop - Cloudron Docs

To create email aliases please follow this link. RainLoop - Cloudron Docs
And what configuration do you do forwarding email?

About the replicated emails:
I had to create 2 accounts fabio1@mydomain and fabio2@mydomain. In Email > EMAIL FORWARDING I forwarded from fabio2 to fabio1.

About aliases:
Thanks for the feedback, but I can’t find the filters in settings. I accessed the administrative interface and also couldn’t find where to release the filters.

For your reference:

Sorry, @die2mrw007. I don’t understand how this will work!
How this Alias works? Just for, like, parked domains, where all account exist into all domains? For email alias, as exposed on my first post, how could i config?

On reference links that you guys send, must exist a filter page in settings menu

Please ignore the reference link I sent. Maybe thats an old documentation.
Please see the screenshot I attached in my last post where I have highlighted the add alias button inside rainloop admin panel. Please click on it and do the needful.

Guys, sorry to open this thread again, but the die2m information is only for creating aliases for domains and not accounts, like what I want.
The idea is to have the email fabio@my-domain.com and have an alias called support@my-domain.com, where the support emails would be sent to the email fabio, without having to create a new separate email.

Is it possible or not?

Any info about creating aliases for e-mails and not for domains?

I haven’t checked nor used email aliases myself and hence I am not sure. But do check rainloop plugins too available in github which may extend many functionality for rainloop. Just do a google search and you will get loads of plugins available for rainloop.

Die2mrw007, thanks for the feedback, but the plugins in Rainloop Git are mostly password changing. LOL.
Thank you anyway!

Came across the same thing when forwarding from email to email with the same domain. I looked at logfiles and I think that email was delivered by spammassasin and then with dovecot as well.

in this case , we still need 2 email account with inbox ? correct ?

No! Just 1 email with inbox. The another e-mails are just aliases.
You know when you have the e-mail youremail@youdomain.com and want to receive emails on this inbox from another e-mail like contact@youdomain.com or webmaster@yourdomain.com, but you don’t need to create new everything, like inboxes with new passwords for the contact and webmaster.
In the DNS world is like when you have an A Record e several CNAME records, but for e-mails. lol

Until now, that is another problem without solution for me!

this section u mean ?

this will create new email account
u still need real email…
that was rainloop/Cyberpanel do… and need …

we cant create email1@domain.com fwd to email@domain.com without have the inbox
but you can read other email with 1 login

In cyberpanel database e_forwardings I found a forwarding that was forwarded to itself, but it didnt show up in cyberpanel admin panel email Forwardings. Now there are no duplicate emails.

No, not in this section… There is no section for this feature I’m asking.
What I’m looking for is a way to create something like a “mask” (or alias) for your email!!
It’s not real you know, just a pseudo/fake email that you could get the messages in your real email.
This type of email is used as on some servers that have a limited account number. Like: you can only create 5 real accounts, but something like infinite nicknames for those accounts)

Sry, but I don’t seem to be getting so clear on what I want.

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Great… so you found a bug?!
Hey developers! See this…
I’ll check the DB on my server if the same thing happens.