Support Amazon RDS

It would be great if you could add support for connecting to an external MySQL database service, such as Amazon RDS, instead of running a local instance of MariaDB. This would eliminate the most likely point of failure on the server, greatly reduce resource usage on the server and allow for virtually unlimited scalability.

We could ask for AWS credentials during installation, once opted for remote database, installer should not set up local MariaDB/MySQL.

But then CyberPanel Database functions will not work and the database should have to be created at AWS.

Database service will not be installed at all assuming cyber panel database also resides on AWS. Not sure if this is how you mean it?

But on the cons side, when you run backups databases will not be backed up (hopefully they are already on aws side)

Yes, that’s exactly what I envisioned. Ask for RDS credentials on install. As long as you provide admin-level RDS credentials, CyberPanel should be able to create databases on RDS the same way it creates them locally. And yes, I’d want to run the databases exclusively on RDS, so no need to install a local database.

As a fully managed service, RDS backs up automatically and even allows you to rollback to prior versions on demand, so no need for local backups either.

Today i just go try point the db to RDS. Boom. Not work. LOL.

A nice option to have +1 for Google Cloud sql, as most of the server resources are consumed by database operations.

What I want to know if the credentials are asked at application level like when we deploy a new wordpress installation as currently it doesn’t ask any information about database as the process is automated by cyberpanel.