Suggestion regarding Cyberpanel

Hello @usmannasir and community.

As i see Cyberpanel is adding too many features. Today, i have installed Cyberpanel on ubuntu 22.04 and found Apache reverse proxy feature and dev updated code in repo regarding the same.
As a Developer you have rights to do whatever you want. but i think too many new features are creating the issues in cyberpanel stablity while many issues exist in existing codebase.

The main issue is there is no upgrade script if someone upgrading the OS like ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04. as per my knowledge, Cyberpanel still suggesting the developer/server admins to install the new OS on other server and migrate the sites manually. in this case he need to recreate all the FTPs, Backup Jobs etc. which is not possible for heavy traffic/busy sites.

Please make existing features stable/remove, then add new paid/free features. if cyberpanel will be stable then people will have courage to purchase paid addons or utlize free one.



Facts. The core is not good enough to be expanding so rapidly.