Suggestion for New Topic Guidelines tips

Hello dear community,

I was wondering if there is any value into creating a Topic which will contain Guidelines for Creating New Topics. I believe this is crucial, because a lot of members publish Topics in a way that we cannot help them. Also, a lot of other members trying to help do not respond as they should. All these result to the forum being populated with potential bloat.

Maybe the Leader Members of the community can evaluate this topic and maybe pin it on the top of the articles (like the Welcome topic or the Community Generated Cyberpanel Themes).

So, I will leave some example Guidelines here for others to evaluate and maybe benefit:

Guidelines for creating proper New Topics and giving proper Replies to topics from others:

  1. Please try to make a deeper search for your problem in the community site, before opening a new topic. Use keywords of your problem to search through the search widget. Propably most of the problems are already addressed in another topic (maybe with small differences, but they can help you out).

  2. Please make sure that the problem is Cyberpanel-specific. We will be happy to help with other problems also and feel free to share any questions here, but let’s all remember that this is a Cyberpanel community, not a All Around Support For All Problems community.

  3. Please try your luck on Google also, as many problems that are not Cyberpanel-specific are also addressed in other development help-community sites (everybody knows which sites I refer to)

  4. If you have absolutely zero knowledge about programming, please consider the fact that you must learn some basics in order to be able to handle basic tasks that are needed. To use and troubleshoot Cyberpanel, or even apply some suggestions that we mention here, it is mandatory that you have a good relationship with programming, good skills on Google search, and patience. Every server is different and it is guarranteed that YOU will need to make some changes according to YOUR specific needs. Don’t always expect “One-size fits all” solutions.

  5. Please make sure that you describe clearly your topic. Check your English vocabulary and grammar in Google, it’s not so hard, and you give a better chance of your topic to be answered faster. You don’t have to write a business essay without any errors, but please try to help others understand your problem, in order to help you! Including logs, system info, and maybe screenshots, improve the chance for reply dramatically.
    Pay attention to security also, making sure that you don’t share any sensitive info.

  6. For those you post replies: Please make sure that you follow the above guidelines also! And above all, before replying, make sure that your reply is helping, by being relevant to the question and of course, doublechecked.

That’s it! I believe that by following this tips we can all have a better communication and resolve each topic a lot quicker. I hope I don’t seem like the smart one here, I just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page. ** This post will be updated according to feedback or deleted if it violates any other guidelines. Any member with higher permissions can feel free to use parts from this post in accordance with the community needs e.g. create a better similar post and pin it.**

Best regards!

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