Subdomain hosted in my VPS from a main domain that hosted on a different server cannot be given an SSL

Hi! I’ve recently installed Cyberpanel after deciding to host my own emails on a VPS. The VPS will be used solely for emails using webmail across all my websites.

I am able to point my VPS address to a subdomain under my main domain of a website I host on a different server. For that I created a new website called in Cyberpanel and added an A record in my DNS records, I was also able to issue a hostname ssl so I can now access Cyberpanel through with SSL.

However I can’t seem to make it work for when creating a webmail page for each of the domains I own.
What I do is that I create a new website in Cyberpanel called (to get DNS records) that I use to add in my domain service provider, I also create a to point snappymail client to, both and I’m having a hard time issuing SSL. is also hosted on a different server