Stuck process and heavy RAM in VPS server

Hello, after i updated Cyberpanel to version 2.3 build 2 and it affects my import product feed to one of my websites hosted in CybePanel. I am not so good at coding but i tried to dig the problem and find out that it is related to stuck SSL Auto renew proccess, i also noticed that it cost me too much used RAM constantly on my VPS. I will attach the error log of CyberPanel, please help me as soon as possible, because i could not upload and synchronize my product feed and it causes me troubles with my customers.

this makes no sense at all, what am I even looking at?

Send actual error messages. What process is hanged?

This is screenshot of the errorlog in CyberPanel. Today i cleared the error logs and look what shows today. I will attach it below. I dont know what mean, but something is totally messed up after upgrade. And this processes are repeating all the time and causes me heavy processor load constantly.

Also please note the e-mail error log:

Also please nore ftp error log: