Struggling with SSl and DNS issues

Hey everyone!

I’m new to Cyberpanel, not so new with hosting in general.

I’m having an issue, hopefully somebody can help!

I have three domains in cyberpanel. domain1 registered with google domains. Glue servers for ns1.domain1 and ns2.domain1 are created as glue records. They point to the server IP.

domain2and domain3 have nameservers set to ns1.domain1 and ns2.domain2. All three sites are in cyberpanel. domain1 works perfectly well. I am unable to generate Let’s Encrypt certificates for domain2 and domain3. After some digging, I found that the server does not seem to be able to connect to domain2 or domain3, and thus cannot generate the SSL certificates. Both work perfectly well from my laptop.

If I ping domain1, domain2, or domain3 from my laptop, everything is as it should be.

If I ping domain1 whilst connected to the server via SSH terminal, everything is as it should be.

If I ping domain2, or domain3 from SSH terminal, I get “Temporary failure in name resolution” error every time.

Its been about 20 hours, do you believe this is simply a case of waiting for it to propagate? Or do you think there is an error in the setup somewhere? Before I adjusted the nameservers of both domain2 and domain3 to ns1 and ns2 of domain1, they were pining fine (albeit to the old ip). Now, however, I get this error. Is this a matter of the A records not having propagated to the ISP of my VM? Or is there some other reason why the server doesn’t seem to be able to ping those two domains?

I did change the server IP at one point, before I added domain2 and domain3. I had to edit a cyberpanel config fine (can’t remember the name) that contained only an IP address, update it with the new IP. Could this have something to do with it?

Also, when using dns checker, it does appear that the records are showing correctly, albeit not propagated everywhere yet.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: