Strange login screen after upgrade to v2.0.3

Yesterday, I upgraded 8 servers to v2.0.3 of Cyberpanel.

For 7 of the 8 servers, the Cyberpanel login page on port 8090 looks like this:

However, on one of the servers, the login page is displaying the 2FA field:

I have not actually configured 2FA for any users on any of these servers.

Is the format containing the 2FA field standard for v2.0.3? If “yes”, any ideas about why 7 out of 8 servers are displaying the form without the 2FA field?

same thing occurs with me Can’t access my login page of cyberpanel (:8090) after updating to 2.0.3 and also not working your login button. i waste my 2 days in this problem. please check this bug cybepanel team.

HOW to Disable 2FA Via Command ?

Same here