Strange Issue With Cyberpanel

UPDATE: Fixed with ChatGPT. No longer need support. Thank you.

Something really screwy is happening with CyberPanel.

A few of my websites are down, some are up but there are issues or errors.

Everything was running fine, then I saw a “out of space” error somewhere.

Yet it has over 40GB free.

I’m having issues like this:

My WordPress websites are semi-up, yet my Mautic website is down.

Mautic site:

This happened randomly, no changes were made to the web server.

If I restore the server to a backup in ProxMox the issue goes away for a day or two, but then it reappears.

Inode issue

I just tried to upload a file with FTP to the server, and it says it’s out of space. (The PC has a 128GB hard drive set in ProxMox, it can’t have more than 30GB max on it.)

Thanks for the reply.

What’s Inode?

I’m new to Linux and barely know what I am doing.

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