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Hello everyone,

I need to host a few static websites. These are not JAMStack websites. I also need to have an email server. I will be using a VPS over shared hosting because it is the most cost-effective solution.

I was thinking about using CyberPanel to manage the VPS server. I have a few questions:

  • Is CyberPanel good for hosting static websites or is it just for WordPress websites?
  • If so, is there documentation available for specifically hosting static websites? I can’t find any.
  • If not, would CPanel be a better fit for my needs over CyberPanel?
  • If not, would it be better to use the OpenLiteSpeed web interface to manage my web server? While, also using a different interface to manage the email server?

Not sure would be nginx be better but propably not big difference.
But cyberpanel definitely for cheap solution great option if need host emails too.

static ? sure … why not…

just create index.html insert

cpanel ? you mean that cpanel ? dot net ? … better to run VPS then you install your own webserver without control panel… is good too
but for personal and dont have email integrated… slow update …
many control panel out there that you can use for helpin you out…
webmin for instance…


cyberpanel = control panel = controlpanel
hestia = controlpanel
vesta = controlpanel
plesk = controlpanel
and other control panel

those control panel are nothing and cannot be used as webserver if you dont have
litespeed (open/enterprise) = webserver
apache = webserver
nginx = webserver
and some old engine

but if you have webserver without control panel you can create static web using html by default…
if you want to run php then you should have php

so there is no need much requirtment

cyberpanel have webmail but the quota between website and webmail are not accumulate…
cloudpanel too
other panel have too

now what is your VPS Specs …
high ?
well this will hurt some people here but if you have 2 core and 2 GB RAM
with planning not too many website… try CWP Free…
dont pay if you have less than 4 GB RAM
of course there is many feature locked… but i think it’s enough

cyberpanel is good too
but you will get headache soon … ( different story )

note: many of VPS provider block PORT 25 or not allow user to use email … you should ask pre-sales requirtment before you buy or rent vps

I have no idea what you said because you responded to all my questions out of order.

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It would be better if I used Cpanel and had NGINX as the web server? Can I conclude that OpenLiteSpeed and CyberPanel are not best suited for hosting static websites?

Openlitespeed is indeed really good for WordPress and other apps that support the lscache plugins, those are dynamic, not static.

Nginx serving static files will have a minor performance advantage IF it is acting as a reverse proxy. In your case, as it would be for nginx to host the files instead of proxying them, then shouldn’t be any noticiable differences between nginx and OLS.

To host static websites, create your website normally, choose any PHP version as it wont be used anyway, and throw your html,js and css files inside the public_html, done.

Cpanel and cost effective don’t go together.

Yes you could use OLS interface, yet i personally use cyberpanel so i don’t have to manually create new websites, setup ssl and so on that i would if using OLS only.

I do, however, use OLS directly to restore cloudflare IPs and to lock website to cloudflare-only connections. But that’s just a personal need.

P.S: Your VPS performance will impact more then nginx/ols

Probably you won’t see much difference between those even with page speed test. With price you can’t beat cyberpanel.

Well, is it good for hosting static websites or is using CyberPanel more trouble than it is worth? I am also considering other panels like Sentora and IPConfig.

I am confused. The other person is saying NGINX is better gor static websites than OpenLiteSpeed but you are saying it isn’t.

Is there a way to disable or block php on the server? I don’t want people to try and host their php apps.

I don’t understand what you mean.

That is because nginx is mainly used as reverse proxy with microcache enabled.
But if your origin is nginx itself directly, then it doesn’t have much benefit.

No matter what solution you choose, in your use case, you could use cloudflare page rules to cache everything on their end, so that your origin server then has almost no work.

Regarding PHP disabling at OLS, it can be done from ols panel, but im not at the computer to tell you exactly where

Now, regarding initial setup speed (buying vps to having it live) that nginx wins as you get it running quicker then cyberpanel installs.

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So, I should skip using CyberPanel?

Wow, this got very overcomplicated very quickly.

In the real world, if you are only hosting static sites then you will not really see any performance differences between nginx, Open LiteSpeed, or any other available server. nginx might be very marginally faster if it is well configured, but unless you hae huge amounts of traffic you won’t even notice it.

CyberPanel is perfectly capable for what you want to do, and there is no reason not to use it. cPanel is also very capable but obviously is paid software and not open-source.

Of the other panels that you mentioned, ISPConfig is secure and stable but not the most intuitive or easy to find your way around. I would recommend avoiding Sentora because the main version has not been updated for literally years and the v2 is a beta release.

Creating static sites in CyberPanel is very easy. Just point DNS to the server, create a new website, and then use FTP or the file manager to upload files.

Thanks for your clear response. It is a little too late. :frowning_face: I thought I needed NGINX hosting. After testing multiple panels (aaPanel, Ajenti, CloudPanel, Hestia, Vesta, Froxlor, and Virtualmin), I decided to go with FastPanel. I will mark your response as the solution.

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