Staging website fail


as a test for cyberpanel

i want to develop a new version of a website in cyberpanel environement.

actually the domain redirect to the actual webser and not to the cyberpanel server.

i created the website in cyberpanel
i want to install php script :

  • prestashop
  • joomla


i click on the preview link in cyberpanel


this link redirects directly to the main : websitedomain.tld

so i cannot work on the next website version here.


as an alternative i try to click on clone/staging

it seems not to be working neither
it says : not wordpress detected

sure the test is not with a wordpress script

is cloning / staging a working feature ?

is ebsite previe a working feature ?

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Did all the same steps. no working solution found yet.

It’s my understanding that Clone/Staging is only for Wordpress sites. It sure would be handy to have ‘one click’ staging/migration for non-WP sites too.