i was trying to test a new theme on my site so i found out the amazing stage feature and i created a stage website but every time i go to the stage domain it redirect to the main can you pls tell me what am i doing wrong ?

Your cyberpanel is updated?
More go to the staging db and check the wp option tabel

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sorry for the late response, and i found the site URL and home are the correct staging domain but still if i go to the stage domain URL it just redirect to main

Check staging wp-config file is there right database.

I just wanted to say your staging/clone and push to master feature is brilliant and it works perfectly. Having the PHP version manager and Issue SSL button,is a nice touch too.

For those struggling with DNS visibility of their staging site, who do not have their DNS hosted on Cyberpanel, you can just add the IP and subdomain to your hosts file:


While you are waiting for the A record to propagate on Cloudflare or wherever you host the DNS, you can start work on the site immediately.

Thanks Cyberpanel team!

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add your staging site name to your hosts file, as I explained in this thread with my own example.

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thanks it worked, I really appreciate your help.

Since I am also a new Cyberpanel user, I am not new to DNS.
It is good to know the advice I gave worked!

@Ahmed0 Could you mark my post as a solution :white_check_mark: so it can help other members.
Thanks and enjoy your staging sites.