Ssl without www

when creating an ssl certificate you have to add a domain without www. he also only creates an ssl certificate with Let’s Encrypt without www.

solution for this?

fond it! How to fix SSL issues in CyberPanel - Docs - CyberPanel Community

First you spam me to use cyberpanel !. Now i use it ask a you question get no answer. you are a good seller:(. okay so we have to do all this ourselves? You can also simply update your script so that we can use it without the extra work. you talk very successfully about your script. but it is not that successful.

Rewrite Rules: Select Template miss option froce www https.
RESOURCE USAGE: no live update?
SSL no www Ssl without www
miss settings ftp server geavanceerd also for sql of or swapping for another version
LIST WORDPRESS WEBSITES it list all the websites but not all running wordpress.

you can spam a lot but responding to replies is apparently difficult.

I wish you all the best. There’s potential in your script. The concept is good. try your script again next year. good luck