SSL not working with cyberpanel instead of applying SSL perfectly


I have implemented cyberpanel latest version,hosted one site and applied letsencrypt ssl. SSL issued successfully but site is not loading properly. Showing error. site name: even tried with force https .htaccess it does not load with https

Error description:

is this an issue of TLS version ? or what ! how to fix it ?

Client domain is:

thanks in advance

Do a full read of

its not an issue of hostname, lets encrypt applied properly, .htaccess applied with force https instead application not working with https.

Which is why I gave you Error SSL — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

If SSL is applied successfully then it should work when you do redirection in .htaccess, which means it was not applied successfully, and you need to find out why. Above two links are enough to find out why.

SSL Is not working, I’m Installing SSL, But “Your Connection to this site Is not secure” Showing

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