SSL not generating

Hey team!

So I’ve seen this pop up on facebook a couple of times in the cyberpanel group but thought it might be valuable to bring it up here.

Essentially SSL certs don’t seem to be issuing. This is happening both on new sites added or when trying to re-issue the hostname SSL. Cyberpanel is saying that the cert was successfully issued (" SSL Issued. You can now access CyberPanel at: https://“domain”:8090") but it does not work.

Welcome @Nintu Happy you are here

  1. What have you done so far to fix the issue?
  2. Which os is your server os?
  3. Do you have the lastest copy of cyberpanel ?

Thanks for the warm welcome :heart:

Latest version of cyberpanel

Ubuntu 22

Ive removed all other sites from the panel other than the one its linked to but that’s about it :slight_smile:

This is not a fix but a workaround.

I am seeing this issue with ubuntu 22 if you are at liberty can you try to use ubuntu 20.04 instead and report back here.

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