SSL Issues


I just installed CyberPanel on centos 8 and Current Version 2.1. When I added a domain and i clicked in Issue SSL the domain SSL which was assigned is with below details

CN =
O = Dis
L = Springfield
S = Denial
C = US

How can I fix this issue ? I did try to go to MANAGE SSL and issue the SSL again but still the same issue. For some reason the Let’s Encrypt SSL is not working

I had a similar issue today. I solved mine by running “wget -O - | sh” then try to issue the cert again. something to do having an older version of acme. “ERROR: certbot 0.21.1 has requirement acme==0.21.1, but you’ll have acme 1.9.0 which is incompatible.”

Yup, as instructed by @pb007 upgrade first and if that doesn’t resolve the issue check if the vhost.conf file is corrupted as instructed here: