SSL Issue

Hi, I am using CyberPanel Ent and I’m trying to install SSL’s for my websites on it. It is a new installation with the latest version of CP. However all that is issued is Slef-Signed certificates. The log says that it can’t obtain a certificate, but the website is propagating properly from CF:

I’ve even put it on flexible on CF side and still I can’t open my website with clean WP installation.

Any advise on that as it is getting really frustrating after more than 12h propagation to not be able to install properly SSL.

I’ve tried with both turned on proxy and turned off proxy, with full propagation and still, no SSL issued.

I’ve narrowed it down. The issue is with the web server. I run LSE on it. When I point the website locally to OLS VPS it resolves without issues. There is something wrong with LSE.

Resolved the issue. It was in Redis Mass Hosting feature. I’ve reinstalled without it and now everything is fine.