SSL issue for docker container

hi every one;
im new user of cyberpanel and i love it. thanks for it.

I installed a new container, but my SSL certificate doesn’t work on it.
container I have installed
I chose port 8082 for container but ssl doesn’t work.
cyberpanel admin port 8090 SSL certificate working properly

Did you set up SSL on your container?

no how can i do?

I am not sure what you are trying to do, please explain which guide did you follow or what you are trying to achieve?

Hi again
From cyberpanel > Docker manager > manage images
i searched mprasil/bitwarden and install it after that

Created container with fallowing settings
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my container address is

Try to use the reverse proxy and use normal SSL from CyberPanel, more details at Reverse Proxy Traffic to Docker Container on CyberPanel - CyberPanel