SSL domain alias breaks the website SSL


I have setup a website “
and i wanted to also have a second domain “” to point to the same files/config etc.
Therefore, I added a domain alias.
As soon as I issue an SSL for this domain alias, the SSL for the initial website “abc” breaks and my pages get this “ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID” error…
On Cyberpanel, I can see that where it normally says that the SSL is valid for 89days (less than 90 basically), it now says SELF-SIGNED SSL and says that it expires in 3649 days…
If I re-issue the SSL of the website by going to SSL > Manage SSL > select “abc” and Issue the SSL, then it works again but not for the alias.

Anyway to solve for that ?
Is it a bug or did I misconfigured something ?

Considering I also have edited vHost conf of “abc” by changing the value of docRoot to add a subfolder ("$VH_ROOT/public_html/subfolder" instead of “$VH_ROOT/public_html”), and that the domain alias’s File System Path cannot be changed (or can it ? if so how ?) and points to “$VH_ROOT/public_html” and not “$VH_ROOT/public_html/subfolder”…then maybe is there another way of making it all work other than using domain alias ?

Thanks for your precious help !

did you tried to reissue ssl?

yes; if I reissue the SSL for initial website “abc”, then it works for abc, but domain alias “def” give me error “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” …and the DNS are correctly set (type A @ to my server IP and type CNAME www to “”) and correctly propagated as per whatsmydns website.
also; in litespeed admin if I go to dashboard I can see the 2 virtual hosts for abc and for def, as running, and if I look at the config under the virtual hosts section (generated by cyberpanel) it is pointing to the right virtual host root (i.e. the same) and the document root is correctly set to have the subfolder path as well (for abc and def)