SSL Certificate

I installed cyberpanel following a video on Youtube (probably my first mistake). It was all doing well until I follows the cyberpanel instructions for docker and nextcloud. It trashed my website setup. I reinstalled from scratch including Ubuntu and now the system will not generate an SSL., All certificates are issued with It dawns on me the cyberpanel does not have enough information to actually request a certificate (ie owner details). What am I doing wrong?

Ok done some more research. Cyberpanel does not reflect accurately whether a certificate is already issued or if certificate issue has failed. As far as cyberpanel is concerned all certificate requests are successful. If you click Issue Certificate for a domain that they have already issued a certificate you get 5 duplicates from letsencrypt (Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt) before they cut you off for a week. When they cut you off Cyberpanel issues all certificates to and you get spam listed by the entire planet because the ownership and URL credentials don’t match your certificate. SO BE WARNED! Cyberpanel needs to check certificate details before requesting another from lets encrypt. This is a deal breaker for me because I cant trust my customers not to hammer the SSL certificate requests.