SSL and ModSec

So past few weeks, I have always been gettin’.

I failed to obtain SSL for spam in my folders.

I checked LiteSpeed, and I saw two listeners. IPV6 and regular one; I don’t use IPV6, so I don’t know what that is doing there.

I deleted that SSL IPV6 AND it broke my website. I needed to add the SSL manually there again to fix my website…

Is there a way to clean all of these SSLs and do it from scratch so it is cleaner and work?

Also, ModSecurity is causing some 403 Forbidden to my WordPress clients. If they go to a private browser, it works. If they use the normal cached browser, it doesn’t. It seems two do with cache. Should I turn off mod security?

Now my SSLs are expired and I try to renew them within the panel and it doesn’t work. Great.

Can someone assist me?