SSH Access Blocked on VPS

Why is 1 of 3 VPS blocking me always? Can´t connect or SSHD, connection timeout. Change the IP adress and work a while. Nothing unusual make.

Other 2 VPS working good, what I missed? How detect it? There is no fail2ban.

Hello @rssperky

Disable firewalld using vnc and whitelist the necessary ports on cyberpanel

I can login, but in 1 minute I am banned…
Then no :8090 port working or anything.

Did you disable firewalld on vnc ?

I not have VNC (I don´t know what is that, is like SSHD? Never activated something like this).

Who is your VPS service provider ?


Go to Support — and ask for basic support on how to setup vnc to acces your vps

Okay, I write to Webtropia, then whats next step?

Wait for reply from them on the steps.

Okay, I have VNC, and yet?

Run systemctl disable firewalld.service and see if its running systemctl status firewalld

Also run sudo ufw disable to disabe ufw (uncomplicated firewall)