Someone use my website email to send spam messages without my permission

Hello everyone,

Today, i received an email from my vps provider, they told me that some of my website emails sending spam emails to some people and those people considered it as spam emails through a system called ( Feedback loop, FDL )

But i didn’t send any of those emails, and i don’t know how can someone use my own website email without my permission?? please note that i’m the only owner of the vps and website … i don’t have any partners

i’m sure my computer and website are very safe and secured.
also i don’t have Wordpress or CMS, i developed my website by myself, and it is the only website on my vps.

Please if anyone have any advice to resolve this problem tell me and i will be thankful for you
they already gave me some advice but i don’t understand most of them

Please also check that you have a valid PTR (rDNS) record for the IP, and consider setting up SPF and DKIM, if not already configured.

Possible causes include hacked email accounts, malware infections, open proxies, malicious CMS addons/plugins, or more. Please secure the server and take steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. If the server shouldn't send any emails, consider removing any mail server software and/or blocking the appropriate ports.

by the way, i received massive amount of phishing emails recent days, but i did not click on any links

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First step is to secure your forms with a good captcha. e.g. google captcha v3.
I’ve seen some bots able to bypass other captchas.

Run a malware scan and i’d recommend a WAF if you don’t already use one.
Change your email password and server password to something secure.

Since you do not use a known CMS it might be possible that you did not follow some strict security measures so there might be holes in your website (in terms of security for exploitation). This might not be so but try the steps above first and then monitor to see if the problem persists.

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thank you my bro for your helpful reply,
i will follow what you said


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