Some Websites running very very slow

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using CyberPanel since few months. I’m loving it. But recently I’ve got some issues. I’ve a VPS from BuyVM (2GB RAM, 40GB SSD) Got around 5 low traffic websites under this VPS,

some of them are loading really fast and few of them are almost impossible to open.

Before there was no issue, everything was loading fast and smooth. One of the website which was really slow within cyberpanel for few days I moved it to another VPS using ServerPilot and there is no issue at all.

If someone could help me fixing this would be really helpful.

TL;DR: under same VPS some websites are running really slow, but some have no issue.

Try to optimize your mysql…

I don’t think it is a database. It is very small site with almost less than 2MB DB size. Website content update once a year maybe.

One website which updates regular is loading fine, But rest of the Wordpress sites are loading slow since a week or so.

Same website when I migrate to cPanel, Run Cloud or ServerPilot It is super fast.

I think it is to do something with CyberPanel config or something.

Note: website is online and offline very frequently.

Update: I installed Fresh Wordpress on subdirectory. It is same, super slow too.

check your top -c or htop , see if there is anything consuming resources.

then create a simpel phpinfo page and check if PHP runs fast.

Thanks guys for the suggestions.

Found the problem was Cloudflare. I turned it off and its working fine now.



Installed for evaluating as an alternate of cPanel in my environment. The server having 2 vCPU and 8 GB RAM with SSD of 200 GB but its loading too slow.

Please guide to fix this issue so that we can start using it on production setup for the customers. Any performance guide or document/ step you have.

I am very much interested to make it success.

Hello all

I also face the same issue cyberpanel loading so much

I test the speed on gtmetrix showing a C grade

How can solve this issue

I agree, there is something bad when you install wordpress in a subdirectory that causes lsphp to be slow, I can’t identify the problem yet.