Some Features I Feel Will Complete The Panel


First of all a big big shoutout to you guys for making such an awesome CP, its by far the best and the latest in technology and all this opensource THANKS A TON.

Just certain basic operational features that i would love to see if possible.

  1. Php Pear package extensions as they help a lot.
  2. One click login to the admin interfaces like phpmyadmin.
  3. Option to change passwords of the admin for interfaces incase we forget.
  4. Option to create only mail forwarders without email account.
  5. Awstats for log analysis as it helps a lot for accurate traffic analysis.
  6. Roundcube for mail access as it is more user friendly and known to users.
  7. Easy customization to change logo and login screen.
  8. Cpanel to Cyberpanel easy account import module like Centos panel.
  9. Mysql database DB to User mapping option to give access to one user for multiple DB’s.

Thanks & All the best,