[SOLVED] Remove Cyber Panel


I want to remove the panel for some reasons.
How can I remove it?

By re-installing the OS.

It should be on the installation docs.

HOW DELETE THIS BUGGY PANEL??? Can´t reinstall OS yet.

Type your comment> @CyberPanel said:

By re-installing the OS.

So, must to do backup first?

When doing anything with data, backup, backup, backup… 3 most important things. I am assuming @MrZee this came from your post about slow performance on a min spec environment? before resorting to drastic measures of reinstalling the OS, maybe try going to 2GB or 4GB, I use 4GB for the VM I use and although still testing it screams… sub 300ms for web sites to load according to tools.pingdom.com although it is up to you what you do, but having a plan B or a backup is always the best solution so you do not need to act in haste.