[Solved:But Need Other Comment] Wordpress WP Mail SMTP

Same provider
Different VPS
same ip c block
same domain (moved from or to new)

anyone here know about this issue ?

Solved by changing the php from 8.1 to 8.0
i dont know why it’s related

Could be something missing from your PHP 8.1 php.ini file maybe.

Similar issue and solution here: SSL problem after upgrade to php 8.1.3 | WordPress.org

where i can get this location ?
already use phpinfo to get the location
and add custom php.ini config but not working

btw, @S4_Hosting : what version of php u use for your client ?

You can edit it in CyberPanel.

PHP > Edit PHP Configs > Advanced

That editor is editing the php.ini file.

8 as default, with the option to switch back to 7.4 if they need to for compatability. - We don’t support any versions older than that.

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yeah, i want to set default is 8.0
user must get used to…
but (oot) ioncube support 8 ?

wondering, why at my vps not working for php 8.0 :frowning:
need more trial error :frowning:

ionCube does not support 8.0 which is pretty terrible to be honest, PHP 8.0 was released almost 18 months ago and there is no excuse for them to not support it in a release during that time period.

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