SMTP refuse any SSL/TLS Connections and accept only unsecure

hello guys,
i’m using cyberpanel on my vps and i’m trying to link my gmail with my website email

Gmail can’t connect to my SMTP server through SSL and TLS, it can only connect through the unsecure option and i don’t know the reason

on the other hand Gmail can connect to pop3 through ssl/tls normally without any problems
bytheway i’m using cloudflare

show me //email/testTo: results

thank you for your fast response,

i think everything looks good except ( Self Signed certificates )
i’m sorry for hide my domain and ip details, but just for privacy purpose because we are in a public forum

check mail domain ssl if yes the run
postmap -F hash:/etc/postfix/
systemctl restart postfix

just info

this is happen to me
i just delete the dkim from zone editor
and re add dkim from panel
and all work

i dont know is this related or not