SMTP mail not working

Hello, I install CP all seems to work except my app cannot connect to CP SMTP mail to send mail.
my iPhone connects fine to IMAP and I can send and receive mail but not SMTP
all mail ports on the vps is open
Any solutions?

Can anyone help me get the smtp to work?

I have done 3 instals for CP, something is wrong with CP SMTP server setup.
Clients cannot connect to the SMTP server. can anyone help? how do I reinstall the SMTP server in the cyber panel?

Misconfigured server certificate.

This means OpenSSL on your server isn’t able to verify the host certificate.

There are a few reasons why this is happening. It could be that the host certificate is misconfigured, or this server’s OpenSSL is using an outdated CA bundle.
Recommended next steps:

Verify that the host's SSL certificate is valid.
Contact your hosting support, show them the "full Error Log for debugging" below and share this link with them.

I’m having the same problem. Is your problem solved? How to fix it?