slow performance on new install

Hello, I have setup Cyber Panel via Google Cloud Platform (marketplace) and I cannot seem to get website to perform. It’s got a small website on there with 8 cpus and 12gb of memory (migrated from 1 cpu server to try Cyber Panel)

It’s not a busy website so I am obviously missing something to fine tune performance.

Wordpress mem limit, php mem limit, max input vars all those usual suspects changed for more power but even deleting 10 posts or 5 I get server errors.

I also cannot find the MariaDB config file via SSH so I am not sure where it is but I managed to see it’s got max 150 connections setup but even with that it should not give problems as it is a massive server for the website.

Litspeed Tuning I set max connections to 20 000 max ssl to 10 000, cache size 50M

PHP tuning I tried upping the max connections for the domain as well with no luck.

Please let me know what I am missing, how can I get the website to use full server resources and is it the database max connections but even so it was performing fine on a tiny shared hosting account with 1 vcpu nad 1gb memory so really confused.

Thank you in advance for help!

Did you ever figure this out? I am getting awful database performance on a new VPS instance with fresh cyberpanel and wp install. But i dont get the same issues with the same config on a different provider’s server.

Actually google cloud has aggressive firewall restrictions and if you have installed cyberpanel using their provided one click setup image then the things get more worse.

Try to install cyberpanel the manual way using the cyberpanel installation command provided here in docs.

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Thanks! I did install it manually via the ssh command on a fresh ubuntu 20.04 instance.

I’ve put a ticket into my VPS provider - it simply must be be a problem with the original ubuntu install, or something with the hardware/vps config. I was just wondering if OP had found anything in particular

Edit: I see now that you’re replying to the OP, who used GCP, etc…

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If using the latest cyberpanel then it has mysql optimization configs added by default. If not, you can check the mysql config file and edit the values. Other method is to connect cyberpanel to cyberpanel cloud and then use the mysql optimization option there which will add the required config values

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Thanks, I didn’t realize that cloud optimization existed. Its the latest CP already but the optimization definitely added changes. However, they didnt help.

I’ll wait til the provider responds. In all likelihood I’ll get them to reinstall Ubuntu. Fortunately while rebuilding everything I decided to make a shell script that adds all my packages and changes, so it should be easy to get back up and running.

I’ve also discovered New Relic because of this, which is amazing. I’m sure I’ll use it lots going forward.

@die2mrw007 I just restored the snapshot that I took after installing Ubuntu 20.04, and instead of installing CyberPanel, I installed RunCloud with OpenLiteSpeed.

I have no database issues this time. So, it is clearly a problem with the CyberPanel install. I’m not sure what it would be given that I used the default settings on both servers.

Any suggestions for debugging this?

I am still confused about what exactly is performing slow? Is it the panel user-interface? Is it the wordpress website? Is it the database queries? or something else. Please help me know the exact pin pointed use-case so that I will check the same and find the reason for the same with solution if any I know off.

Yeah, database queries taking 100x longer than they should. Very bizarre. Its as if there’s some conflict between Cyberpanel and this specific hardware, but only now and not previously.

But before you think more about this, I’ve just instructed my provider to reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 and will try it all again.