SLOW - LiteSpeed Cache

Website is super super super slow… (+1 min to load page >>> inspect >> network) but disable Litespeed plugin the website work normal speed…

Please help

Hello @lmilani Happy you are here

You need to tweak the plugin settings to fine tune your caching. If it ia big site I recommend a proper CDN some CDNs break caching functionalities of wp plugins like quic-cloud queue issues and use edge side includes (this requires LiteSpeed Web ADC - Load Balancer - LiteSpeed Technologies )

You also need to check plugin conflicts especially langauge switchers, other caching plugins.

As a start go to LiteSpeed Cache → Toolbox → Debug Settings and set Disable All Features to ON

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Good afternoon, it is strange because I have 4 vps in Contabo that use CyberPanel and only in 1 of them do I have this generalized problem of Litespeed leaving all the sites where it is installed super slow. the problem is only overcome when I disable the wordpress plugin (litespeed).
Any more suggestions?

Have you checked this tutorial to see if you configured it correctly

If all servers are setup the same and have same resources then it seems you have an issue with a problematic JS or CSS file. Try the by excluding these js/css files for homepage and test page speed before and after

I see all servers and think alls configs is the same =


On this page you can get information regarding your LiteSpeed processes.


module versions:
lsquic 3.1.1
modgzip 1.1
cache 1.64
mod_security 1.4

Have you tried the following

  1. Adjust LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > Tuning
  2. Exclude JS/CSS Files for a single page
  3. Install htop and monitor server load when you visit any page on the website. If you have post a screenshot so that we can see server load.