Sites on diferent accounts

I help my buddy to setup cyberpanel he want all he’s sites on different user accounts he thinks server will be more secure that way. Does it make difference on security compared all sites installed on admin account?

more username
more password

more more complext possible brute

thats good

whats username we sould use ? what password ?
is he only will use :
with same password ?
if so…
useless… :slight_smile:

if u use cyberpanel only for personal use (only one person) then admin login is enough
if you worried about the config, wrong click or else
create one user with unlimited website, unlimited feature :slight_smile:

there is no secure places in the world, include cyberworld

For my own servers I have used just admin account with crazy long 30-40 character passwords, if some one can brute force those when firewall gives 5 try takes quite long time…

i hope u not use $%^&*&%$# and a A 1 combination lol

it’s all up to you
u can create 1 user to handle all… so u only access admin login if you want do some configuration