Sites got auto-suspended?

Hi, I just found out that sometimes the sites will get auto suspended and I have to unsuspend them.
Is it because of the CUP overuse or got DDOS attack?

Thank you.

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I experienced the same problem (I guess). A few websites were suspended over night without my knowledge.
Recent events:

The websites that got suspended seemed randon. They had unlimited resources, just like many other websites I manage.

@UKI Did you find out more in the meantime? Do you recognise one of my events?

Hello @bitless

Which server os and cyberpanel version are you using ?

At the time of the issue I used Cyberpanels latest code: 2.3 build 4 commit a47d41a3741c46a4130d81f0db7adf176c198840. In the meantime there’s a new commit so I’m behind.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS

My diskspace was at 86%. Perhaps that triggered something?

I un-suspended websites. Some were suspended again a moment later.
Out of nothing it came and it stopped and all is quiet now. AFAIK I didn’t do anything to stop it - off course I was investigating.

I’m curious if anyone knows when a website is supposed to be autosuspended. This must be a feature I’m unaware of.

No possibly a bug. Have you tried to run an upgrade ? Plus you need to find out what is consuming too much space

Absolutely a bug :-). With feature I meant: there’s a) code that implements the suspend / unsuspend functionality and b) code that implements an event as trigger. The bug is that that event is triggered when it shouldn’t be.

What the suspending does (more or less) is it changes the config folder name of the vhost (it adds “-suspended”) and changes its owner. (thats how I remember it). Simple and effective - how I like it.

Space: I doubled it immediately. :+1:
Upgrade: will do. Tnx for thinking with me.