Site-specific cyberpanel areas

By creating site-specific areas in other panels, users can rule in their own areas, for example

When I add a domain to cyberpanel for any of my customers, I have no clue how that customer will manage their service. Because it doesn’t have its own private space. I can’t give customers the password of the admin account . I hope you can understand me with this awful English. Thanks for everything Cyberpanel team

create ACL with custom privillage

What is ACL?
What I really want to do is, users enter a port next to their domain, log in with the username and password I gave them, and upload files only for themselves.

Wow, I just saw Creta New ACL. I will test this. This looks like something great.

I am a Turkish user and I would like to help with translation. What roadmap should I follow?I am currently doing translations for flarum Turkish. I also want to help Cyberpanel.


@usmannasir @shoaibkk <>=== those person can helped you if you want to help translation

That is a good thing and if you want you can translate our documentation into turkish. @Can

Are you using Crowdin or Weblate for this? I can translate documents superficially, but translating documents can sometimes require knowledge.