Site down and OpenLiteSpeed does not start

Hello guys!
Today my site is down so I check in CyperPanel.
In Server Status → Services Status OpenLiteSpeed is Stopped.
If I click the play icon to start it I got a action complete message but it does not start.

Cyperpanel 2.0 build 1
Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64

I am new to these things, I hope you can give me some guidance patiently :slight_smile:


Try going to Server Status > LiteSpeed Status and click the REBOOT LITESPEED button to see if restarting it works. You can also see which processes are running and if you’re on the current release of 1.6.14

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, log in to the OpenLiteSped panel at: yourdomain (or IP):7080 and check for issues.

Hi @themew

Thanks for your reply.
Actualy I am in mydomain:8090 where I have installed Cyberpanel.
In Server Status > LiteSpeed Status I do not have a Reboot Litespeed button (VERSION: LITESPEED/1.6.13 OPEN)

I find a restart OpenLiteSpeed button in Server Status → Services Status but it does not work.

In error log I have something similar to this:

I solved doing these steps:

sudo apt-get clean
sudo mv /var/lib/apt/lists /tmp
sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/apt/lists/partial
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update
and reboot the droplet.

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Try updating to the latest version of CyberPanel 2.0 build 1 (I use it with Ubuntu as well) and it should fix the issues you’re experiencing. Plus the new features will make things easier for you to manage your sites and server.

Edit: You posted above just as I was saving my reply. Glad to see you got the issue resolved. I would still recommend updating both CyberPanel and OpenLiteSpeed to the latest versions.

Ok, is it in a stable version?