Site down and OpenLiteSpeed does not start

Hello guys!
Today my site is down so I check in CyperPanel.
In Server Status โ†’ Services Status OpenLiteSpeed is Stopped.
If I click the play icon to start it I got a action complete message but it does not start.

Cyperpanel 2.0 build 1
Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64

I am new to these things, I hope you can give me some guidance patiently :slight_smile:


Try going to Server Status > LiteSpeed Status and click the REBOOT LITESPEED button to see if restarting it works. You can also see which processes are running and if youโ€™re on the current release of 1.6.14

If this doesnโ€™t resolve the issue, log in to the OpenLiteSped panel at: yourdomain (or IP):7080 and check for issues.

Hi @themew

Thanks for your reply.
Actualy I am in mydomain:8090 where I have installed Cyberpanel.
In Server Status > LiteSpeed Status I do not have a Reboot Litespeed button (VERSION: LITESPEED/1.6.13 OPEN)

I find a restart OpenLiteSpeed button in Server Status โ†’ Services Status but it does not work.

In error log I have something similar to this:

I solved doing these steps:

sudo apt-get clean
sudo mv /var/lib/apt/lists /tmp
sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/apt/lists/partial
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update
and reboot the droplet.

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Try updating to the latest version of CyberPanel 2.0 build 1 (I use it with Ubuntu as well) and it should fix the issues youโ€™re experiencing. Plus the new features will make things easier for you to manage your sites and server.

Edit: You posted above just as I was saving my reply. Glad to see you got the issue resolved. I would still recommend updating both CyberPanel and OpenLiteSpeed to the latest versions.

Ok, is it in a stable version?