site after deletor, SCP file transfer and server error 502

Hello Community, I have a somewhat strange problem I had a fresh cyberpanel installation with only one site I was willing to migrate several and pass the larger files via SCP by ssh, which moved the files to the new server but when I went to review by administrator of files I had disappeared the directory of the only site I had, I searched for it by terminal and it does not appear anymore through file manager I entered /home/ ← the latter did not say public or anything just directory try to create a new account and a new website and I believe it in ./home/ I went to check if the folder of my old website appeared but it was not, then I told myself capable is an update perform the new update method and now it doesn’t allow me to enter the cyberpanel admin gives me server error 502.

I can still access phpmyadmin but I do not remember the credentials, when trying to execute the cat .db_password command I get an error, it has not been possible for me to recover the database, I lost a complete website without any reason.

Could you guide me if at least I can recover the database?